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TV Riser

Watching a couple of good movies is undoubtedly the most impacting form of entertainment everyone dreamed of. Ending the day in front of your television is absolutely relaxing and at the same time enjoyable. But isn’t that experience going to be better if we have the perfect television setup in front? This is what we want for our break, right?


The secret to a good movie experience is how the television is setup. You may have the best television set and the best audio system, but the setup is poor, still you won’t be able to catch a good movie experience. Aligning the television set to your eyes’ center view can bring an even better movie experience. The simple, yet creative TV riser helps perfectly with the correct television arrangement.

A TV riser is simply a holder that carries your television set in order to increase its height. This definition may be the simplest, but the functions of TV risers do more than that. It can also be used to hold a portion of the audio system or position it to the recommended height in order to create a movie theatre surrounding.



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Other designs of the riser can also contain a center container fit for small appliances such as VHS, VCR, and CD and DVD players. The risers can be used to hold your old CRT set, or a new LCD television, or are even becoming more popular to hold computer monitors (aka, a monitor riser).


The most frequent factors that differ TV risers manufactured by different companies are the shape, size, height, make, and style. When speaking of shape, there are various designs a television owner can choose from. Oblong and rectangle are two shapes of risers that continue to fight their way to the top. Counts of manufacturers and designers prefer to use this shape because of the resulting area they produce.



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Wood is behind steel when it comes to the key materials used in creating TV risers. Thick hardwood makes a good candidate for the product because of its strength and durability. Aside from the rigid make of hardwood, TV risers made from wood are glamorous and are perfect furniture when made with fine craftsmanship. In addition, wood furniture easily matches with other furniture present in a house.


Light weight metals are the most favorite material for TV risers. Metals do not just offer durability and strength when it comes to furniture making. Metal TV risers can also be lightweight and fully functional making them ideal for home entertainment.


 riser for tv

 lcd tv risers

Metals are usually added as frames to the risers, giving advantage to its capabilities to hold enormous amount of weight. Wood is often mounted on the top portion of the riser where the television is placed.


Purchasing a TV or monitor riser is indeed very easy. With tons of designs available in the Internet, one should be filled with enough choices. Here are some very important things to consider when planning for a purchase.


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TV and Monitor Risers – Buying Considerations

  • First is the weight support of the riser. Not all risers share the same strength and capabilities in terms of carrying a television set. Some are capable of holding TVs up to 25lbs, while others are engineered to carry up to 500lbs of total weight. We've covered some Fellowes, Allsop, Wood Technology, WoodformOFC Express, Kensington, and Convenience Concepts models on separate pages, in association with Amazon.
  • Next to consider is the size; the dimension of the monitor or TV riser should be fitting for the television’s measurements. Placing large televisions on small risers can potentially cause danger to your appliance and can pose major accidents. For television sets with built-in stands, risers that fit the stand are suitable since weight of the unit is already centered to the stand.
  • The design and features are also among the most important things to consider when planning for a purchase. Since TV risers are designed to be placed on top of TV racks or cabinets, then they should not damage the racks. Protective rubber feet should be present on the riser to prevent scratches on the TV rack. 

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